LV= are a leading financial services provider and a mutual who have over 5.8 million customers.

LV= is a modern financial services business where everything they do revolves around creating value for their members.

LV= have a composite model which means they provide a mix of financial solutions from general insurance, ways to protect people’s incomes right through to providing for those retirement years. LV= are committed to offering affordable, relevant and well-designed products but not at the expense of doing the right thing, and living by their strong mutual and ethical values.


LV= are a leading financial services provider and a mutual, employing over 6,200 people. They have over 5.8 million customers, 1.1 million of whom are members. Their customers hold a variety of products with LV= including insurance, investment and retirement solutions.

Mutuality goes back to the early days of insurance when people paid into a fund to share the risk. The benefit then went back to the people who needed it. Today LV= are a very modern mutual, but the principles remain the same, and they still exist to create value for their members. Being a mutual means more than just an ownership structure to LV=. LV= are financially strong with £14 billion of assets and are rated ‘BBB+’ for their financial strength by ratings agency, Standard & Poors.

They have spent the last decade transforming LV= into the successful and profitable mutual they are today, a business with a special place in the financial services market. They have built a strong and well-respected reputation and coupled with their values and a longer-term view, they believe they have an important role to play in people’s lives.

Here are some top facts about LV=

  • •  They have over 5.8 million customers, of which 1.1 million are members
  • •  They’re the third largest car insurer in the UK
  • •  They’re the No.1 provider of individual Income Protection
  • •  They have 6,200 employees across 15 UK offices


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